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October of 1994 is when we started full time motor home living. We purchased our present motor home a 2000 Bounder 39Z in January 2000, yes it is big. We tow a white 2015, Chevrolet Sonic for local transportation. We can usually be found at Ducote Air Park in San Angelo, TX April thru November parked by our hanger at Ducote Air Park.

Winter usually finds us in the Rio Grande Valley. We stay At Alamo Paradise Acres RV Park in Alamo, TX.  We spend four + months in the Rio Grande Valley Ballroom Dancing, Round Dancing, jam sessions, ice cream socials, swimming, and eating way too much food.

Sometime during the Summer we are planning trips to different parts of the USA and spend time at our hanger at Ducote Air Park in San Angelo,TX

Where are we?

Today, December 2, 2022 we are at our hanger in San Angelo.  Next week we plan to travel to "Alamo Paradise Acres" space 14F. 

Where will we be? Subject to change.

First weekend in August - Austin SumerFest - Ham Radio Convention
Third weekend in September trip to Mexico, MO to attend annual Zenith gathering.
Second weekend in October - Centex Round Dance in La Grange, TX.
About Thanksgiving back to the Rio Grande Valley for the winter.


When in San Angelo we attend Mertzon United Methodist Church in Mertzon, TX. While on the road we maintain the church web site and keep in touch via e-mail. There was snow in Mertzon in 2006 during Advent season.  During the time we are in Alamo, TX we attend First United Methodist Church of McAllen, TX.
Church & Snow


Flying is one of our hobbies. Pulsar XP N912RV was totaled on April 17, 2012.  Power failure at 50' and a hard landing in a wheat field spelled the end.   We built Pulsar XP, N912RV in our hanger at Ducote Air Park in San Angelo, TX. Our Pulsar first flew on July 2, 2001 and had over 330 hours of flying time. In October 2001 and September 2003 we flew to the Pulsar Convention in Lawrence, KS. In May of 2006 we flew to Palm Bay, FL and back.

We are members of and maintain the EAA chapter web site for EAA chapter 493 in San Angelo, TX.

We are also members of EAA Chapter 595 in the Rio Grande Valley.


New Plane

Our Zenith 750 CruZer is complete and flying.

Click to see pictures of our project

N752Z Zenith CruZer

Ham Radio

Carol is N5CBQ and Bob is W7IKT. Carol holds a General license and Bob an Extra class license. When in San Angelo, TX. we are both active with the San Angelo Amateur Radio Club and the Tom Green County ARES and RACES group. One of our favorite Ham activities is Field Day. The following picture is of our Motor home in use as the HF Phone Station at Field Day in June 2017. 
We now have an HF station 40-10 in the motor home. We put a vertical up on the rear ladder when we will be in a location for a week or more. Send an email  if you would like to set up a schedule.
Field Day 2017

Renaissance Faires

We both enjoy attending Renaissance Faires. Our motto is "Have Costume do Travel". Our record is 10 Faires in one year. Our personal favorite is Scarborough Faire in Waxahachie, TX. We have also been attending the Kansas City Renaissance Faire on Labor Day weekend and Sherwood Faire near Elgin, TX.
Bob + Carol Faire Friends


We love to dance, in January 2000 we discovered Round Dancing. Now we route our travels to attend weekend Round Dance Festivals. We still Ballroom Dance and attend Polka Parties but Round Dancing is clearly our favorite.  During our time in the Rio Grande Valley we dance to Valley cuers.  We even do a little line dancing while in the valley, here is a link to a short video:  Line Dance at Alamo Paradise Acres We also dance to country/western bands at the VFW hall, Station 618, and FIFI Debaus in San Angelo. While in Alamo we dance at jam session, and to Diego & Edith.
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